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Gene Vantage is a specialist in the field of nucleic acid extractions, and is the only manufacturer of such products in Africa. The range of products and services offered, provides clients with the tools and solutions to enable users to advance their own research, develop new products and meet the needs of their own client base.

  • Product range: We offer nucleic acid extraction chemistries based on magnetic beads and silica columns, both of which can be run in manual (low throughput) or high throughput (automated) format.

  • Custom solutions: We love to innovate, as a result our custom solutions for high throughput clients are our flagship products.

  • Technical support: Our R and D team is accessible to your lab, we can provide on-site direct technical support. This is a feature that sets us apart from our competitors.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service and excellent technical support, which is driven by our commitment to quality.