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Today’s agricultural researchers have many tools at their disposal for studying plant and animal genomics. Whether you’re interested in plant biology, crops and livestock, or model organisms, an accurate view of the genetic influence on traits and disease is crucial. As genomics becomes more widely used in agriculture, researchers and breeders are increasingly using Illumina technology to drive discoveries and advances.

Microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are useful for studying various aspects of plant and animal genomics, including genotype, gene expression and regulation, and epigenetics. These approaches offer the throughput, sensitivity, and precision needed to evaluate genetic markers and discover new ones associated with traits or disease.


Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Kits available for genomic DNA extraction from a range of sample types including blood, body fluids, tissue, bone and hair, as well as plants (leaf, seed and root), bacteria and fungi.


R 12 per sample

960 sample kit


Ribonucleic Acid

Kits available for ribonucleic acid extractions from a range of plant sample types including leaf, seed and root tissue. Kits are available for challenging high fat sample types including pumpkin seeds, liver and adipose tissue.


R 23 per sample

960 sample kit


Total nucleic acid extraction

Kits designed for a total extraction allowing multiple downstream assays to be carried out with DNA and RNA as the starting nucleic acid.


R32 per sample

960 sample kit

Nucleic acid extraction kits sold in the following volume sizes: 48, 96, 960 samples. We also routinely provide kits in 10 000 sample format for high throughput clients.

Please contact our sales team for more detailed pricing or custom solutions.

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