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Fusion Automation Viral RNA kits

AmpliMax Fusion Viral RNA extraction kit - COVID 19

  • Technology: Gene Vantage's Fusion AmpliMax Viral RNA kit is based on magnetic bead technology, and employs superparamagnetic spherical particles that selectively bind viral RNA fragments, forming a particle-nucleic acid complex that is easily separated from the aqueous phase using a magnet. The separation allows the viral RNA fragments to be repeatedly washed to eliminate contaminants.

  • Sample types: isolation of viral RNA from cell free fluids such as plasma, serum, urine, swabs and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).

  • Highlight: Multiple kits available for automated systems in the market making Gene Vantage a one-stop for your magnetic bead extractions.

  • ApplicationThe purified product is suitable for all downstream applications such as RT-PCR.

Kit Types

pathogen icon.png

Viral RNA pathogen extraction kit

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Magnetic bead technology

automation icon.png

Automated workflow

time icon.png

Time dependant on automation

  • Several extraction kits for different automated systems, including Hamilton, Seegene, ThermoFisher Kingfisher

  • Isolation of viral RNA from swabs in viral transport media

  • Purified product is suitable for all downstream applications such as RT-PCR.

  • Download sales sheets below for an overview of each workflow and kit contents.

  • Dedicated technical support to expedite setup

  • No backorder, 48 hour delivery in RSA

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Liquid Handler

  • Magnet sits at base of plasticware

  • Third-party platform

    • Seegene Nimbus

    • Hamilton Starlet

  • 384 samples per kit

  • 72 samples processed every 3 hours

  • Packaged in reagent cassettes for easy loading onto the automated system

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Particle Processor

  • Magnet applied from top down into plasticware

  • Third-party platform (Thermo Kingfisher)

  • 96 samples processed in 25 minutes

  • Click & play approach

  • No change to existing protocol required

  • 1000 samples per kit

AmpliMax Fusion

Custom solutions

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Need a custom solution for your system? Contact our sales team today!

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