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IsoBind Range - silica spin columns


  • Nucleic acid binds to silica filter (column format)

  • Manual extractions

  • Semi-automated in 96 well format

  • Multiple sample types

  • Typically used in low sample volume workflows

  • 1 - 48 samples per day

The IsoBind range is designed to meet the needs of smaller projects where extractions will be carried out manually. This is best suited to projects where sample sizes range from 24 - 96 samples. The bench top preparation takes approximately 45 minutes, although this varies between lab technician and available equipment. The yields produced are suitable for a range of standard laboratory assays including qPCR and Sanger Sequencing.

Silica column.png

Low - medium throughput

  • Throughput: defined by the capacity of your centrifuge

  • Applications: clinical & basic research, diagnostics, biotechnology & agriculture

  • Assay: High quality DNA/RNA suitable for SNP or array genotyping, PCR, qPCR, NGS, Sanger sequencing

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 12.03.26.png

High throughput

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 12.06.18.png
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