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IsoBind Viral RNA kits

IsoBind Viral RNA extraction kit - COVID 19

  • Technology: Gene Vantage's IsoBind Viral RNA kit is based on silica spin column technology. The kit requires a bench top centrifuge.

  • Sample type: kit is designed for the isolation of viral RNA from cell free fluids such as plasma, serum, urine, swabs and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL).

  • Highlight: The procedure completely removes contaminants and enzyme inhibitors, making RNA isolation fast, convenient and reliable.

  • Application: The purified product is suitable for all downstream applications such as RT-PCR and NGS sequencing.

pathogen icon.png

Viral RNA pathogen extraction kit

column icon.png

Spin column technology

time icon.png

~30 minutes for 24 samples

hand icon.png

Manual workflow

room temp storage icon.png

Workflow run at room temp.

Standard Workflow

  • 200 uL sample + 150 ul lysis

  • 5 minutes at room temperature with shaking

  • Add 350 ul binding buffer + 20 ul booster

  • Load onto silica spin column

  • Spin & discard flow through

  • Wash x 2 repeats of 400 ul each, spin & discard flow through from each wash buffer

  • Add 80 ul elution buffer > spin to retrieve pure RNA

  • Use purified RNA in downstream assay

equipment icon.png

Requires a vortex, centrifuge and pipettes

reagent icon.png

Requires absolute ethanol, microtubes and pipette tips

Kit types

Spin column.png

Single Spin Column

100 samples per kit

Filter plate 96 shallow.jpeg

96 well, 350 ul volume

384 samples per kit

Spin Plate.png

96 well, 1000 ul Volume

384 samples per kit

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